My Mission
IT or IoT?

My Mission

…To create a solid financial platform for companies, so the talent, energy and creative bandwidth of employees is not restricted by financing concerns, but used to completely disrupt ordinary business models and launch new initiatives within their industries.

…To impact lives. To lead and guide and mentor and teach the next generation what was so hard to learn, myself, and help make their paths easier.

…To be a part of team that makes me better than I am alone. That together, we think in expansive ways, we support each other by insuring all individuals feel safe to express professional opinions. We know that those around us respect the process of shared ideas, we use the creative process to go outside the boundaries of one mind and harness the power of many and we create outcomes that can only occur with collaborative consciousness.

…To create teams populated with individuals that feel excited to do their job everyday because they know exactly how their job impacts the company. They are encouraged to recognize and restructure aspects of what they do to make them more efficient, productive and able to help the rest of the team and the rest of the company. They feel their power.

…To build teams that are compassionate…that don’t judge, but try to understand their corporate partners and work with them – personally – to devise a plan to serve them.

…To build teams that know they make a difference, because that’s what people tell them everyday.

…To build teams that laugh, eat together, swap stories about their diverse interests, celebrate their wins and commiserate with their hardships.

…To build teams that want to WIN.

…To work with individuals that respect and care about others and choose to invest in those that respect and care about others.

…To work with individuals that understand they are a catalyst for great things.

…To blur the lines between work and play.

“Experience breeds wisdom, and wisdom breeds vision – Dalai Lama XIV”

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